Saturday, February 05, 2011

Breaking news

Hey kids,

It's time for a Thursday 13 of breaking news items. But it's Saturday, and it's only 5:37 in the morning, so let's just do two, to start us out.

1) The Department of Homeland Security out of Alexandria, Virginia visited my site at 08:59:06 last night. WTF? Are all blogs routinely monitored for terrorist content, or have I been singled out as particularly subversive?

2) o.b. tampons: I thought it was just me standing in store aisles, glumly wondering where they all had gone. This week I dumped out all the contents of all my handbags and scraped together enough stray o.b.'s to get me through a couple of days, but they are gone-gone-gone from store shelves. An official statement from o.b. yesterday says they will be back on the shelves soon, but it's been a long couple of months without them. Meanwhile, people are making a killing on ebay.

Okay, back to sleep. This up-with-the-sun shit is for the birds. Love you.


Anonymous said...

Forget tampons. Get The Diva Cup. Everyone I know that has tried it loves it. You will never spend a cent on tampons again.

I am serious. Order it if you can't find it in stores.


Olive Oyl said...

I am starting yet another new blog. Need to get past the Falling Hope.