Monday, March 21, 2011

Phone purge

Hey kids,

I got a new phone last week. Had to de-activate my old phone, but there were more than 80 photos on it that I had to either toss or slowly and painstakingly send to my email for download. And, hoarder/sentimentalist that I am, of course I was going to keep them.

The old phone was almost three years old, and the photos were like a weird time capsule of random moments from the last three years that I thought worthy of a snapshot, for some reason or another. Here's a few, more or less in the order in which they were taken.

You look so young. It's you trying on your Lion King headwear for Halloween.

It's Neko Case at Hawkins Amphitheater in Reno. I can't believe this show was that long ago. Time flies.

It's you having lunch at Wendy's. This was the day that we drove to Truckee to stake out the Camper/Cracker venue and find our way around so that I wouldn't get lost when I went up there for reals on the day of the show.

This is some of the $150 worth of food that I bought for Camper and/or Cracker, laid out nice and symmetrically on a table.

You visiting my new office, before they took it away from me and sent me back to cube-land.

X at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. I went with Laurie. At the end of the show, I almost passed out and had to sit out on the sidewalk in front of the venue.

The waiting area at Carson-Tahoe hospital. Daddy had another heart attack and I had to bring you both with me to see him at the hospital, because I had no one to drop you off with.

Wavy sat outside with a nurse, but the doctor thought Jakob was old enough to come in and see his daddy for a bit.

On the way home from the hospital, we stopped at the grocery store. I think this was the very first time I had ever gone to a store with BOTH of you, by MYSELF. Up to that point, I had only ever gone to the store with you, one at a time, while one or the other of you stayed with dad. You were just slightly naughty, not the juggernaut of chaos that I thought you would be.

Maybe some more later. It's time for bed. Love you both.

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