Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phone purge, part 2

Hey kids,

I don't really like to tell people my dreams, because I know how tedious it can be sometimes to listen about *other* people's dreams. But I'll tell you about this one I had this morning. Because you are a captive, sleeping audience.

This dream just went on and on, and I kept waking up a bit and thinking, my gawd, it must be time to get up, then looking at the clock and seeing that it was still quite early, and going back to sleep and back into my dream.

So, I dreamed I was a personal assistant to the actor who used to portray Ed on Northern Exposure. I have recently started following this actor's current activity on Facebook (now isn't that a hoity-toity way of saying "cyberstalking," or what), so I suppose that's how my dream-self came up with this particular dream character.

He took me to his home, which was an enormous, dilapidated houseboat parked in the harbor of an exceedingly seedy part of town, where he left me by myself while he went elsewhere. I explored the houseboat, found secret rooms, untied a little boat and rode around the dirty harbor a bit. Found a clean, sparkling patch of water back near the houseboat, where some dolphins as big as small cars were frolicking with manta rays as the tide went out.

When my boss returned and told me I could go home, I got on a bike and started riding, eventually realizing that I had no home to go to. I couldn't turn back, so I kept riding and riding, eventually riding onto a rocky beach and almost into the ocean. I had no choice but to call my boss and tell him that I had nowhere to go. His wife answered the phone, I told her my plight, and it turned into an interview to become their children's nanny. She asked me "what I considered myself to be." I told her I thought of myself first as a graphic designer, and second of all, a mother. My answer disturbed me in my dream, and continued to disturb me for the rest of my waking day. I mean... where exactly *were* my children in this dream. That's the last I remember of my dream, so I don't know if I got the job or not. Or if I ever found my home and my children.

So glad I got that out of my system here, and didn't unload that rambling mess on a real live, awake person. Tedious and boring indeed!

So anyway, a few more phone photos.

Daddy about 45 minutes after his quadruple bypass.

Daddy getting up out of bed and walking around for the first time after his quadruple bypass.

Nana and Papa flew out to be with us while Daddy recouped. This is you fascinated by Papa taking care of the RV.

I must've taken a photo break, cuz this is a rather large leap in time to Jakob's birthday or thereabouts, at Chuck E. Cheese.

More Chuck E. Cheese.

How many children are maimed or dismembered on Chuck E. Cheese thrill rides every year?!!?

All right. Off to sleep. Perchance to dream again of Ed Chigliak. Love you. And yes, I am a mother first and foremost.


Birdie said...

The dolphin picture is a little freaky. I don't know why. Maybe it is the sharp teeth.

Wavy is just a baby in these pics!

Jake looks utterly bored on that ride.

Yay for posting~

LAB said...

I think the dolphin eye looks slightly evil.

kelly said...

Yeah, the dolphins in my dream were kinda freakin' me out.

Birdie said...


Birdie said...

I am hoping against hope that you are still out there somewhere. I am actually still blogging! Today, out of the blue I was thinking about you and decided to say hello. Come by my blog and say hello!