Monday, August 29, 2011


Ah, the siren call of this modern life: "Kids Eat Free." More and more establishments are adopting this to lure cash-strapped parents out of their pantries of spaghetti and hot dogs and into the land of meals served with an actual (or at least a facsimile of actual) smile and a thank-you.

I took both the kids to Qdoba yesterday. Both of them ate and drank for free while I got a pretty tasty salad. Afterwards, with the money we saved, we went to Target and bought a Jenga set, took it to the park and played with it until it was too dark to see. Money well saved and subsequently spent, IMO.

Four-year-old Wavy is much better at Jenga than you would think a four-year-old would be.


Birdie said...

Jenga is mighty good fun! I love all the old games. I look forward to Fall when I can force my kids to play with me! :-)

Kelly said...

Barb, the kids' Jenga love has fallen sharply in the past week, and we now go to the park and just play blocks. Which is fine by me.