Sunday, September 04, 2011


My grand plans this Sunday: cleaning certain parts of the house. Yes, I know I don't deserve a medal.

I'm starting with the kitchen and defrosting the freezer. I gathered up all the disparate and lonely little bags of leftover frozen vegetables a consolidated them into one large bag, with thoughts of making a soup or stew tonight with them. Then images of that lady from "Hoarders" that hoarded rotten pumpkins popped into my head, and I threw all the vegetables in the Insinkerator and bid them goodbye.


MamaSutra said...

I am loudly guffawing right now*: I have seen a whole 2 episodes of hoarders and pumpkin lady was one of them. Oy. She was the same one who didn't believe in best before dates on yogurt, wasn't she? I am going the same process with our freezer, there are a couple pans of pasta that I made up last fall (I think) in one of those "Oh, this would be so handy on a busy weeknight, just throw this premade meal in the oven, yum yum." Of course, I used some ground beef that had been sitting in the freezer for a year, so unless the pumpkin lady wants it...

(in that "I am not sure if I am just anxiously laughing or about to throw up" kind of way)

MamaSutra said...

So the bracketed stuff at the bottom was supposed to have a little * beside it, just to be all academic about it.

Also, have you read this blog? (the blog in general, that is, not necessarily this specific post):

Also, have you read "The Magicians"? I read it a while ago, maybe last year? And I'm now into "The Magician King". Quite enjoyable.

Kelly said...

Okay, Heather, I clicked over to and am sullen and jealous now. That's the food blog that I want to write. Snark + tater tots. Love. Sigh.

Have not read The Magicians. Will have to check it out. I'm in this weird twilight zone right now where I have read, like, a dozen novels, all supposedly the first in a trilogy, but the second installments are nowhere on the horizon. I feel like if I read anything else without some sort of closure, my head will explode!