Friday, August 19, 2011

When does it end, this childlike dorkitude

I'm 43 years old. Let me re-iterate by saying... I am 43 years old. Yesterday at work, I tore the top off of my whipped chocolate yoplait yogurt, then slowly and repeatedly squeezed on the sides so that the yogurt oozed in and out of the top of the container. I turned to my co-worker and said, "Look, my yogurt is turtleheading."

I mean, wtf was that. I remember when my mom was 43. Never, ever would it have crossed her mind to think -- much less say -- something so stupid. But me... will I still be making fart jokes when I'm in my 70s?

Also, I am wearing temporary tattoos on the backs of both my hands today. I offered to put one on Wavy before school this morning, but she said no thank you.

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Birdie said...

OMG! You updated! How did I miss the last post?
Love the card organizer for your purse. I want one!
I still laugh at fart humour.