Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All-or-nothing vacay...

Is there any other kind? I have two weeks off from work to:

1) unwind, rest, sleep in, nap, decompress, relax, center, re-energize

2) reconnect with my children

3) clean and de-clutter the house

4) bake everything on my wish list

5) do something "vacation-y"

I'm in the middle of doing something vacation-y now; I've booked three nights at a motel in Mammoth Lakes, about two hours south of G-ville on Hwy 395.

I'm calling it "Operation Fall Colors 2011." I spent the couple of hours driving down here gawking at the reds and golds and listening to John Prine songs, the ones that make me cry.

A few miles before Mammoth, I switched gears and started listening to Les Baxter, and my whole mood changed. Much less morose. I took off on a side road into the June Lake area and imagined myself as an early-'60s era Vegas showgirl on the run from the Mob, an unwitting witness to an execution of a low-level city official in an abandoned warehouse. Hard to imagine yourself as anything else BUT a mob moll with a heart of gold when you're listening to Les.

Is it possible to plan a whole vacation around a chair? Cuz that's pretty much what I've done. I have this canvas chair with a clip-on umbrella, and all I want to do is set this chair up in pretty places, away from people and their noises and their talky-talky bullshit, plop myself into it and read books or stare at the scenery.

Rolled into town kind of late today to do any seriously hardcore lounging, but did manage to sit at a picnic table at a scenic overlook for about an hour and soak up some sun.

Doesn't it look like a giant spider emerging from the ground?

Finally got into Mammoth at about 4, checked into the motel and immediately fell for the desk guy. Woof. Asian, maybe about my age, rugged looking, insists on calling me Ms. Davis. Very nice.

Ventured out into town and got some pizza, then came back to the room and am now vegging in front of the tv. Wild woman, me, no?

Looking to do a casual loop around Yosemite tomorrow, search for the perfect spot to set up my chair, maybe get a sammich. Nothing strenuous. Nothing stressful. Just ommmmmmmmmmmmmm...

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