Saturday, October 15, 2011

That's why!

You know why I love you kids? Because today we each picked out some new scented wax melts for the candle warmer, and you both acted like it was the second coming of Christ. You both discussed the merits or shortcomings of each scent all the way home in the car. Jakob, you were practically vibrating with anticipation over which one we were going to pick for tonight: vanilla shortbread, pumpkin pie or blueberry muffin. And Wavy was in awe that the whole operation wasn't going to burn the house down, and if I didn't pick blueberry muffin, you were simply going to perish and die. We then lit the warmer up, turned out the lights and told elaborate stories about all the animals we saw at the park today.

Either I have to get you guys out of the house more, or -- your finely tuned sense of wonder at every little thing has not yet been obliterated by the inevitable jaded ennui that will eventually devour your precious little souls.

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