Thursday, January 05, 2012

cleaning up 1

It's been underway for a few days. Cleaning out my closet, my desk, my shelves in my office area. Today I took two grocery bags of pristine books to donate to the library. Still have a big bag of less-than-pristine books to take to the thrift store.

Kind of working in quadrants, with my area being the first. I'm slowly recovering from a surgery, so shambling about in this small corner of the house is just my speed for now.

Little things this afternoon, like taking a big pile of recipes that I've cut out from magazines, looking them up online and putting them into Springpad; clearing all the kids' crayons out of my desk and putting them in their own tupperware.

All just drops in the bucket, but I'm slowly making a difference.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy Birthday and all that, kids! Hugs. Love you. Now stay out of my way.

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